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Littleborough Station Supplementary Planning Document

The Committee is invited to comment on the content of the Draft Supplementary Planning Document as part of a consultation with key stakeholders. 


The Committee scrutinised a report of the Director of Economy which advised that a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) had been produced for consultation purposes for the Littleborough Station area to support the redevelopment and renewal of the area by providing detailed planning and design advice. The report sought the views of the Committee on the content of the Draft SPD as part of the consultation with key stakeholders.


In considering this matter the Committee noted that the report had previously been submitted to the Pennines Township Committee’s meeting on 8th September 2021 where Member’s views on the proposals, contained therein, were sought. In this regard Councillor Dearnley addressed the Committee and members of the public who were in attendance to clarify comments that he had made during the Township Committee’s meeting on 8th September 2021 and to apologise for any misunderstanding or offence that his comments, at that meeting, may have caused.


The Committee was informed that as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, Supplementary Planning Documents build upon and provide more detailed advice or guidance on the policies in the Local Plan. Regulations 11 to 16 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 set out the requirements for producing SPDs. Regulation 12 requires that consultation is undertaken prior to the adoption of an SPD.


In considering the submitted report, members of the public, who were in attendance were permitted to address members on the draft proposals. In considering the submissions the Committee noted the request to remove those elements of the SPD that related to Victoria Street, Littleborough.


The Committee were advised by the Assistant Director (Economy) that:

  • The report presented to the Committee was the start of the process and presented initial aspirations and indicative plans to express the objectives of the SPD to inform any consultation as part of a series of regeneration plans being developed for land and buildings around the Train Stations across the Borough. Having an SPD in place would assist in attracting funding for schemes in future;
  • All stakeholders were being encouraged to submit responses, comments and suggestions. In other parts of the Borough, stakeholder input had led to draft SPD’s being changed following consultation;
  • One of the aims of the SPD was to make improvements to the public realm around the Train Station;
  • Transport for Greater Manchester were involved in discussions around buses and bus movements at the Train Station and more detailed designs would be developed with the aim of improving pedestrian routes in the area;
  • That there had been some limited consultation to date with some local landowners  but those who had not been consulted earlier now had the opportunity to make their views known and these would be taken into account as part of the formal consultation process;
  • The proposals for Church Street related to the pedestrian routes possibly being widened and not narrowing the carriageway;
  • Car parking was an issue raised by residents and businesses and this needed to be looked at as part of the SPD;
  • With regard to the Littleborough United Reformed Church, potential options were being considered, and no decisions had been made as any options would have to be appraised through the appropriate decision making processes.
  • An SPD brought clarity and certainty for residents, businesses and potential investors and additional powers like the use of Compulsory Purchase orders were only exercised by the Council as a last resort and in very limited and specific circumstances;
  • There is to be a six week consultation period. The format of the consultation would be considered in line with Government Guidance applicable at that time and could include face to face sessions if this was feasible;
  • Following the conclusion of the consultation process, the final decision on whether to adopt the SPD would be made at a future meeting of Cabinet.



1.     That the Draft Littleborough Station Supplementary Planning Document be noted.

2.     That the Committee recommends the removal form the SPD of those elements that relate to Victoria Street, Littleborough.

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