Agenda item

Rochdale South Township Funds 2021/22

To consider Rochdale South Township Funds 2021/22.


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which provided an update on revenue and capital expenditure, commitments and balances of Rochdale South Township Funds 2021/2022 and to enable the allocation of funds to proposed projects.


In considering the funding applications the Sub-Committee received oral representations from the applicant’s and/or their representatives, who were in attendance at the meeting.


Alternatives considered:

Members were asked to decide whether or not to approve the allocation of funds to projects/schemes as appropriate.


1.    That the expenditure, commitments and balances of the Rochdale South Township Funds 2021/22, as detailed in Appendices 1 and 2 of the submitted report be noted;

2.   That the decisions made under delegated authority as detailed in Appendix 3 of the submitted report be noted;

3.   That the Townships and Communities Manager, in consultation with the Chair, Vice Chair and opposition spokesperson of the Sub-Committee, be given delegated authority to make decisions on any deferred projects;

4.   It be noted that the Townships and Communities Manager has assessed the proposed projects to be considered for funding against the criteria of eligibility for the Rochdale South Township Fund, the priorities of the Township and any specific risks have been identified in the report;

5.   That applications for Township Funds 2021/22, (as outlined at Appendix 4 of the submitted report); be dealt with as follows:-





RP/01/21 – Pioneers Trail – Rochdale Cemetery

Approved - £3,129.13 from Projects Fund

RP/09/21 – Apna Ghar – A space to tackle social isolation

Approved - £7,152.29 from Projects Fund

RP/13/21 – Deeplish Street and Nicholson Street Turning Areas

Approved-£3,600 from Projects Fund

RP/11/21 – Women Empowerment and Wellbeing -

Application deferred to the next meeting

RP/17/21 – Provision of equipment for 9th Heywood (St. Michael’s) Scout Group’s new HQ building

Approved - £5,886.90 from Projects Fund and £4,407.50 from Capital Fund

RP/21/21 Badminton in the Community

Approved - £2,419.96 from Projects Fund

TC/18/21 – Buersil Avenue and Sedgley Avenue traffic calming

Approved- £20,825 from Capital Fund

TC/24/21 – Stoneyfield Park Pathway

Approved - £14,250 from Milkstone & Deeplish Ward and Members Funds and £3,422 from Capital Fund

TC/25/21 – Ford Gardens pedestrian dropped kerbs

Approved - £2,120 from Capital Fund

W/29/21 & M/42/21 – Percy Street and Crown Street rear alley resurface

Approved -£5,800 from Kingsway Ward and Members Funds


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