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Pennines Township Funds 2021/22

To consider Pennines Township Funds 2021/22.


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which provided an update on revenue and capital expenditure, commitments and balances of Pennines Township Funds 2021/2022 and to enable the allocation of funds to proposed projects.


In considering the funding applications the Sub-Committee received oral representations from the applicant’s and/or their representatives, who were in attendance at the meeting.


The Chief Finance Officer was in attendance at the meeting following a request from Members to answer questions about carry forward of funds and internal charging mechanisms for projects, the cost of which was often passed on to Townships when funding applications were submitted.


Members of the Committee noted that communication was ongoing with Township Chairs and Vice-Chairs relating to funding and requested that Township funding should be reviewed in regard to the corporate policy on carrying forward budgets. With regard to internal charging mechanisms, it was suggest that the internal markets and differing recharging policies could be subject to a scrutiny review.


Members also sought a temporary change to the terms and conditions for applications for funding to take into account the challenges faced by groups and organisations throughout the pandemic to enable more than one application to be made.


Alternatives considered:


Members were asked to decide whether or not to approve the allocation of funds to projects/schemes as appropriate.




1.    That the expenditure, commitments and balances of the Rochdale South Township Funds 2021/22, as detailed in Appendices 1 and 2 of the submitted report be noted;


2.   That the decisions made under delegated authority as detailed in Appendix 3 of the submitted report be noted;


3.   That the Townships and Communities Manager, in consultation with the Chair, Vice Chair and opposition spokesperson of the Sub-Committee, be given delegated authority to make decisions on any deferred projects;


4.   It be noted that the Townships and Communities Manager has assessed the proposed projects to be considered for funding against the criteria of eligibility for the Rochdale South Township Fund, the priorities of the Township and any specific risks have been identified in the report;


5.   That applications for Township Funds 2021/22, (as outlined at Appendix 4 of the submitted report); be dealt with as follows:-


Applicant/ Project


PF/01/21 Ramsden Road Speed Survey

Application deferred with the final decision delegated to the Chair and Vice-Chair in consultation with Ward Councillors following receipt of further information relating to the need for a speed survey and the introduction of 20mph zones across the Borough.


PF/02/21 Belfield Art Group Classes

Approved - £2500 - from Projects Fund


PTC/02/21 Milnrow Brass Band

Approved - £5000 – from Capital Fund


PTC/06/21 Wardle Anderson Brass Band

Approved - £11650 – from Capital Fund


PTC/11/21 Calderbrook Road Waiting Restrictions

Approved - £4000 – from Capital Fund in principle, subject there being no  alternative sources of funding available



6.  That the Chief Finance Officer be requested to consult with the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Corporate Delivery with regard to carry forward of funds and internal charging mechanisms as detailed above;


7.   That paragraph 4.5) of the Terms and Conditions be temporarily suspended and reviewed again at the end of the financial year.


Reasons for the decision:

Management of the Pennines Township Fund is delegated to the Pennines Township Delegated & Funding Sub Committee.


Pennines Township Funds are allocated to projects that benefit the Township’s community and environment, and realise the Township priorities.


To enable the committee to monitor and review the use of the Pennines Township Funds to ensure continued efficient and effective use of the funds.

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