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Pennines Township Funding 2012/13


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Service Director – Corporate Services seeking Members agreement to the allocation of Pennines Township Funds to funding streams in 2012/13 and to consider applications for funds by submitted groups and projects.


The recommendations contained in the report were presented as management of the Pennines Township Fund is delegated to the Pennines Township Delegated and Funding Sub Committee. Pennines Township Funds are allocated to projects/schemes that benefit the Township’s community and environment, and realise the Township priorities. The report enabled the Sub-Committee to monitor and review the use of the Pennines Township Funds to ensure continued efficient and effective use of Township Funds.


The Service Director – Corporate Services informed the Sub-Committee that the Pennines Township Fund Terms and Conditions state that applicants are limited to one Pennines Township grant in any two consecutive financial years.


Alternatives: Members were asked to support or decline proposed schemes within the submitted report.


The Service Director – Corporate Services advised the Sub-Committee decisions to grant funding for applications from Meadowfield Community Centre; installation of fencing for Milnrow precinct and maintenance of the Milnrow Clock following restoration would breach the Sub-Committees terms and conditions for providing grants.


Representatives from Pennines in Bloom and Meadowfield Community Centre addressed the Sub-Committee and answered Members questions in relations to their respective applications for funding.

DECIDED – That (1) the expenditure, commitments and balances of Pennines Township Revenue and Capital funds as detailed in appendices 1 and 2 be noted;

(2) the decisions made under delegated authority as detailed in appendix 3 be noted;

(3) applications for assistance from the Pennines Township Priorities Fund, as detailed in Appendix 4 of the submitted report, be determined as follows:

a)    Pennines in Bloom be awarded £3,500 on condition that satisfactory evidence is provided to the Head of Townships  of the group seeking alternative funding streams and an offer of assistance from Councillor Kelly to explore funding options is undertaken;

b)    Meadowfield Community Centre’s application for assistance be delegated to the Head of Townships in consultation with the Chair and Vice-Chair of this Sub-Committee, the Head of Township be advised the Sub-Committee are minded to approve the application on the grounds of the wider community benefit that would be afforded by the Community Centre, pending confirmation that the Sub-Committee would not be acting beyond its powers and the following conditions are met:

                                      i.        that this be a non-recurrent allocation,

                                    ii.        funds are transferred on a quarterly basis upon production of evidence that the Community Centre has sought alternative funding, and  

                                   iii.        detailed information be provided on what the allocated funds have been used for be reported to the Head of Townships;

c)    £18,386.50 be approved for the preparation and installation of a toddler play unit at Stonie Heyes Avenue;

d)    the Highways Scrutiny Study Group be requested to consider the request to investigate options to provide a low level footway along the side of Hollingworth Lake;

e)    consideration of a Puffin Crossing scheme on Church Street, Littleborough be deferred to a future meeting pending submission of a comprehensive report by the Service Director – Corporate Services detailing the proposed location of the scheme along with the legal and financial implications;

f)     £3,067.50 of matched funding be approved for the supply and installation of fencing at Milnrow Precinct on the grounds that the scheme provides a wider community benefit in preventing on-going anti-social behaviour;

g)    £3,200 be approved for the restoration of the Milnrow Clock from Pennines Township Capital Funds.

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