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Bamford Village Sign
The Bamford village sign is in place on the agreed site at the corner of Martlett Avenue and Norden Road, some thought it not terribly visible.

Bus Services
The frequency and reliability of bus services from the area to Bury was criticised with examples given of services not turning up and drivers refusing to let passengers on who did not have the correct change, college pupils were allegedly late for recent A Level exams as a result.  These comments were directed at Councillor Ian Duckworth as Transport Representative.  He has previously dealt with one of the providers, Rossendale Transport, and as they are outside of Greater Manchester there is no power to force them to do anything.  A representative of the independent and passenger run Transport for Greater Manchester Campaign stated that the area has more buses now than ever before and that services are better than they have been.  The complainant will contact Councillor Duckworth direct.

Meadow Croft Mill
Meadow Croft Mill is being developed and is to have a 25 meter turning circle.  Money has been spent improving the walking area which is looking good and it was asked whether the Right of Way would be preserved.  It is part of The Green Corridor and it will be and it will be monitored.

Highways Resurfacing
It was confirmed that Moorgate Avenue is on next year’s Highways programme to be resurfaced and Bamford Way is to be done.  Bamford Way carries a large volume of traffic.  Both locations together with Bell Meadow Crescent, which has two previously marked out but never actioned pot holes, will be included on the Ward Highways inspection being conducted on Friday 7th June 2013 and highlighted by Councillor Duckworth for any repairs.  Councillor Sullivan outlined the £400,000 structural patching fund which is not just the filling of individual pot holes but rather the more substantial and long lasting patching of larger surrounding areas, following Members challenging the quality of repairs.

It was confirmed that Highways Inspectors decide which repairs are made and not the contractors who act on direction of Highways Officers.

Martlett Avenue Kerb
The kerbs on Martlett Avenue have all been dropped apart form the last one at The Precinct so users can get all the way to the Precinct but not access the shops. Can the scheme be completed by dropping this one kerb.
Action: Request kerb is dropped. (Stuart Hay)

Blocked Gullies
There is a blocked gulley outside number 385 Bury and Rochdale Old Road which has a history of blocking.  There is also a blocked gulley outside number 31 Bamford Way.
Action: Request gullies are jetted and cleaned. (Stuart Hay)

Dog Waste Bins
Following the removal of a dog waste bin between Wood Top Avenue and Camberley Drive, it was clarified that these bins are no longer used and all items go in to the general waste bins.

Places of Worship
The unequivocal response to a request for information on the number of dwelling houses in the Borough which are registered as a place of worship is that there are no private dwellings registered as places of worship within the Borough.  This is a myth which has been doing the rounds for years across the country but has no substance to it.

There are no plans to close The Infirmary, it has an urgent care centre, twelve medical admission beds, large departments, eye centre, day bed wards and it is well used.

Review of Area Forums
Councillor Duckworth stated that following a review of Area Forums, Bamford and Oakenrod came up as very well attended, lively with many achievements.