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Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 3rd June 2013 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given:

Sandy Lane, Bury Road and Roch Valley Way Junction
The Ward Councillors have continued to request a scheme to make improvements for pedestrians at the junction of Sandy Lane, Bury Road and Roch Valley Way.  There are several current outstanding requests in the Borough and at a cost of £240K no scheme is likely in the foreseeable future.  GMP will show a presence to deter traffic light jumpers.

GMP has been patrolling Bury Road and War Office Road to deter speeding vehicles and Metro Counters are awaited.

Bins re-siting
The bins around the football pitch at the rear of Bamford Green have been removed as the club were not emptying them.  A copy Lease has been requested to examine responsibilities on the club to clean up and maintain the area and also if parking restrictions apply.  The bins were provided by the Ward Councillors and should be re-sited at locations of their choosing, one of which is on Martlett Avenue around the drop zone area of the Precinct.
Action: Request the re-siting of a bin on Martlett Avenue (Stuart Hay)

School 20mph zone

The 20mph area around St Michael’s School is complete and ready for the new school year.  Highways are working with the school to make sure the illuminated signs are used at optimum times including special events and the Casualty Reduction Team are introducing a new Zig Zag campaign this month.  Part of the scheme included the continuation of double yellow lines on the east side of Queens Park Road right down to the bridge, opposite the school, still allowing vehicles to park only on the school.  The use of the land at the side of the school as a car park has been looked at previously and is not feasible.  Community Safety will deploy their liveried enforcement vehicle, fitted with cameras, to combat illegal parking, it is not calibrated to enforce against speeding.

Work on the Bamford Primary 20mph scheme is ongoing now.

Water tanks under Bamford Green
United Utilities have submitted two planning applications in relation to the installation of water holding tanks under Bamford Green and residents are not opposed to the installation as it is intended to ease flooding in the area.  However, residents are very concerned that the twelve months work involves the use of heavy plant and equipment to remove 700 cubic tons of earth using the private road dissecting The Green to Bamford Mews and the long lasting damage that may be caused to the road for which the residents are responsible.  There is confusion over what United Utilities plans actually are, regards both the installation of holding tanks and the upgrade of the drains down the length of Norden Road, as some residents have been informed work is imminent and yet others received a letter saying that the work will not now proceed due to budgetary constraints.
Action: Arrange meeting with United Utilities, residents, RMBC Officers and Ward Councillors (Stuart Hay)

Dropped kerb on Martlett Avenue
A request has been made to Highways to install another dropped kerb on Martlett Avenue near to the Precinct to complete the scheme of the others already installed and allow disabled residents to access the shops.

Action: Chase up Highways (Stuart Hay)

Highways have repaired all the reported pot holes by the Ward Councillors.  Greenvale is in a poor state and Councillor Sullivan will request a Highways inspection.

Bury and Rochdale Old Road blocked drains
The blocked drains on Bury and Rochdale Old Road have been cleared.

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