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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 2nd September 2013 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given.

Mojitos Wine Bar
Councillor Sullivan outlined the work she had been doing to address complaints of noise nuisance from the Wine Bar.  She has been in regular contact with them and they had agreed to keep the glass partition shut whenever any entertainment was on.  Also she arranged a Noise Nuisance Officer to visit and assess the situation, but he found no offences being committed.  Residents state he has been visiting at the wrong times.  His name is Paul Fletcher and he wants to work with residents.  He can be contacted direct and visits will continue; complaints must be made.  Councillor Sullivan will continue to work on the issue.  Licensing has considered the matter and there are no other issues apart from noise complaints, and to conduct a review.

Ward Funds
Councillor Sullivan highlighted Ward Funds which need to be allocated by the following Friday 30th November 2013 and asked for ideas to be submitted before then.  The road to the Community Centre was mentioned but United Utilities are working there anyway.

Blue Orchid
Blue Orchid Management Consultants are the largest provider of Business Start Up Support in the North West and received funding from RMBC, The European Regional Development and DWP to run a service in the Borough.  Based at the Unique Enterprise Centre on Belfield Road, Rochdale, they are holding ‘Open For Business’ drop in sessions in Rochdale Library every Thursday where experts are there to offer advice and guidance, Business Workshops and Networking Events.  Contact details were given out.

Bins re-siting
One of the bins removed from the football pitch has not yet been sited on Martlett Avenue and will be chased up.  Beryl Bulcock who gave her apologies raised this issue together with Mojitos, spoken about at this meeting, and the state of Swallow Drive, referred to later.
Action. Chase up placement of bin (Stuart Hay)

Dropped kerb on Martlett Avenue
The reply from Highways regards the last kerb not to be dropped on Martlett Avenue was read out: “
I arranged for the dropped kerbs to go in the following locations: two facing each other on Martlett Avenue near Swift Road junction, two on each corner of Woodcock Close, two on each corner of Curlew Close and two on each corner of Lapwing Close, giving 8 in total, as per Stephen Granville’s original request to you in August last year.  This enables people in wheelchairs, motorised scooters, etc to travel along Martlett Avenue as far as the shopping precinct, where they can then travel down the footpath that leads into the precinct car park.

In regard to the footpath once it’s in the precinct’s car park area, I don’t know if any part of the kerb there is dropped to enable disabled access onto the car park but the footpath there isn’t adopted by us and it’s not even classed as highway, and as mentioned in the first paragraph, I requested just the 8 dropped kerb locations as per Stephen’s instructions”.

The responsibility for this last kerb is that of the precinct owners who will be asked to do the work together with security improvements as PCSO Colin Taylor had been seeking improvements to the security lights, most of which do not work, but had no response.
Action. Request precinct owners make the improvements (Stuart Hay)

Potholes, condition of footpath and resurfacing

Greenvale potholes have not been repaired and Councillor Sullivan will take this up again.  Swallow Drive footpath is broken up with weeds growing, this will be addressed as part of the Winter Maintenance Programme.  The poor state of the half of Wordsworth Way not resurfaced will also be taken up again by Councillor Sullivan.  A resident had attempted to speak per telephone personally with very senior officer Mark Widdup about this issue, but was told by the call centre she could neither do that nor email him at which she was disappointed.  Councillor Sullivan will speak with him.

Bury and Rochdale Old Road blocked drains
The blocked drains on Bury and Rochdale Old Road
are in fact still blocked and the resident’s file and pictures will be passed on for clearance.
Action. Request clearance (Stuart Hay)

Home Watch Signs
Street Lighting have sorted out the issue of Eon not replacing Home Watch signs without payment, any sign removed should be replaced at no cost, the one in question was.

Problem trees
Thanks were given to Mick Ball from Environmental Management who had undertaken all the work requested at the last forum.  He has served notices on the owners of the address on Canterbury Close who have not complied and he will have the work done at the expense of the owner.

Roch Valley Way No Entry Signs
The No Entry road markings on Roch Valley Way are to be repainted and the request for street furniture to make it more obvious is being considered by Highways.

Council Tax Increase
Council Tax will not be increased next year but the Precept part of it will.

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