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Open Forum


Fallen Leaves
RMBC do not blow leaves off the footpath into the road.  The incident cited was an unknown individual. Leaves around The Chapel had been cleared up by Chapel users.  Road Sweepers can be requested for any location.

Mansfield Road Parking
Parking on Mansfield Road is a problem.  Noted the strip of land running between it and Belgium Street is privately owned.  Mick Ball from Environmental Management had got the owner to repair and replace some defective and dangerous fencing, but it is not known what the owner’s intentions are as the last Planning Application was in 2008 and has lapsed.  Use of the central green as a parking area has been looked at previously and cannot be used.  Most residents were against removing the greenery and there are services and drains underneath.  The area does not fit the criteria for a residents only parking area, which ironically are not popular with most residents anyway.

Strategy for Flood Risk Management
Leaflets on the RMBC consultation on the Strategy for Flood Risk Management were made available.  The deadline for any comments is 29th November 2013.  Also contact details of Sarah Parkington from the Flood Forum were given out as she would welcome contact from anybody wanting to speak about flooding at any time.

Queens Park Road Bridge
The safety and integrity of the Queens Park Road Bridge was questioned as it is believed by some to be already weak with tons of concrete blocks on it.  It was asked if there are any plans, condition reports or surveys on it.
Action. Obtain situation report (Stuart Hay)

Planning Objections

Resident Ruth Doyle highlighted an example of a severe Planning process problem, which was far less than adequate and very unsatisfactory.  She attempted to contact the Planning Officer in charge of a neighbour’s application and was advised by both the Council’s Switchboard and Planning Office that no one by that name worked in Planning, and there was no reply or return call from a mobile number.  Ruth was given incorrect information and the plan was passed without her being able to make an appropriate objection.  She was later told the Officer did work for Planning but on very limited hours.  Councillor Sullivan has written to Mark Widdup who appointed an investigating Officer.

Planting Trees
A resident was in favour of planting trees as the advantages are, they remove particulates, ameliorate temperatures, reduce flooding risk, soak up Carbon Dioxide and are nice to look at, and some cities such as London and New York are planting thousands.  The resident thought the Ward Funds referred to could be used to plant them.  It is a fact that the Council are well behind in the management and maintenance of its trees with some causing damage and obstructions, as highlighted on Martlett Avenue and any location would have to be very carefully selected.  The resident will contact Councillor Sullivan direct.

Vermin on Norford Way and Greenvale
Rats have been sighted in broad daylight on Norford Way and Greenvale.  Environmental Health will be requested to visit the Norford Way resident.  The Greenvale resident has been visited already.
Action. Request Environmental Health visit (Stuart Hay)

Film showing at The Chapel
“The UK Gold” film on Tax dodgers will be shown at The Chapel at 1930 hours this Thursday 28th November 2013 for anyone interested.