Heywood Township Delegated Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

As part of the council’s drive towards greater powers for each Township, each Township Committee has devolved capital and revenue resources, including a revenue Township Fund equivalent to £2 per head of population per Township area. Examples of purposes to which these funds and budgets can be put include grants schemes; funding community and environmental projects; funding priorities identified in the Township Plan etc. 

The Heywood Township Delegated Sub Committee is responsible for the decision making to do with devolved funds for Heywood Township.



Contact information

Support officer: Janine Jenkinson, Senior Governance and Committees Officer. Email: Janine.Jenkinson@Rochdale.Gov.UK

Postal address:
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
OL16 1XU

Phone: 01706 924616

Email: Janine.Jenkinson@Rochdale.Gov.UK