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The Need for Extra Primary School Places 2017- 2020

12/12/2017 - The Need for Extra Primary School Places 2017- 2020

The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Children’s Services advising on the need to increase capacity at Schools within the Township for Reception Years and Years 1 - 6 places up to September 2020.


The Committee was informed that the report was being submitted to the four Township Committees for consultative purposes and that any views thereon, expressed by Members, would be considered by the Cabinet at its meeting on 19th December 2017.


The Committee was informed that Rochdale Township had seen a rise in the number of births within a two year period which predicted that the 2017/18 cohort peak would peak at 1462 pupils before dropping again to 1385 in 2018/19. Plans had been put in place to enlarge two schools permanently, but this was however insufficient and from 2019 extra capacity was needed in Rochdale Township primary schools


In discussion concerns were raised with regard to the proposed increase in the size of the existing primary schools to a three form intake due the pressures this causes on the communal areas of the school and the traffic and parking issue caused in the locality at the start and end of the school day.  A suggestion was raised that consideration be given to the development of a new primary school in the central/ southern area of the Township as an alternative to the proposal to increase the size of Belfield and Lowerplace primary schools to a published admission number of 60 pupils per year group from 2019-20.  


Alternatives considered: To not increase places available could leave the Council at risk of not meeting statutory responsibilities in education provision.


Decision: That the report be noted.


Reason for decision: To enable Townships awareness of school spaces and pupil numbers within their area and aid local decision making.


Eligible for Call-in: No.