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Savings Programme 2020/21to 2021/22 - (post consultation)

26/02/2020 - Savings Programme 2020/21 to 2021/22 – Update Following Consultation

The Cabinet considered a report of the Chief Finance Officer that provided Members with: An update on the results of consultation on the proposed Savings Programme 2020/21 - 2021/22.


Alternatives considered:

The Council is legally obliged to set a balanced revenue budget. The budget setting process is complex and must be undertaken in a planned way. Whilst budgets are prepared in accordance with the approved guidelines a number of alternative options relating to savings proposals and budget pressures are considered as part of the overall budget setting process.


Consideration is given to a number of options in putting forward the savings proposals contained in a report to Cabinet on 29th October 2019 and the report outlined any alternatives. To do nothing was not considered to be an option as the Council was legally required to set a balanced budget.


The Cabinet could decide not to implement these proposals and provide alternative options to enable a balanced budget to be achieved.



1.    It is recommended that the Cabinet recommend that the Council approves the following savings proposals at its meeting on 26th February 2020:

a.       NH-2020-21-002 Cease delivery of non-statutory wider tobacco control work, following the completion of the workforce consultation.

b.      NH-2020-21-013 Bowling Pavilions utility charges to users (smart meters).

2.    Cabinet recommends to the Council that CS-2020-21-003: Proposal to relocate Milnrow Youth Centre be withdrawn.


Reasons for the recommendations:

The Cabinet is required to recommend a balanced Revenue Budget and Capital Programme 2020/21 to the Budget Council meeting on 26th February 2020 and provisional budgets for 2021/22 to 2022/23. The Council is required to set a balanced budget for 2020/21 by no later than 11th March 2020.

Eligible for Call-in: No