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Savings Programme 2022/23

29/03/2022 - Savings Programme 2022/23

Consideration was given to a report of the Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate/ Chief Finance Officer which provided an update on the proposed savings and the outcome of consultation on the workforce proposals that required consultation within the 2022/23-2023/24 Savings Programme.





  1. Council noted that the Business as Usual savings totalling £477,000 approved at Cabinet in November 2021 had been incorporated into the budget estimates for 2022/23 – 2024/25.


  1. Council noted that the overall savings available for 2022/23 had reduced by £91,000 and that this would be managed via the use of reserves in 2022/23 and through the overall budget gap for 2023/24 onwards.


  1. Council noted that the workforce saving proposal (£113,000) would be implemented via the Council’s delegated decision making process.