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Title Date Effective from
Heywood Township Funds 2023/24 ref: 242204/12/202313/12/2023
Early Intervention Prevention Grant (EIPG) Grant Agreement04/12/2023Recommendations Approved
NHS Contracts 2024/25 ref: 242328/11/202312/12/2023
Rochdale North Township Funds 2023/24 ref: 242130/11/202312/12/2023
Public Health Commissioning Intentions 2024/25 ref: 242428/11/202312/12/2023
Quality, Safety and Safeguarding06/12/2023For Determination
Atom Valley Investment Zone07/12/2023For Determination
Go Neutral: Schools Solar PV – Powering our Schools13/12/2023For Determination
Rochdale Borough Serious Violence Strategy18/12/2023For Determination
The Future We Deserve: Rochdale Borough’s Anti-Poverty Strategy 2024-202921/12/2023Recommendations Approved
2024-25 Discretionary Business Rate Relief Policy21/12/2023Recommendations Approved
“Additional Stop Smoking Funding 2024/25 – 2028/29”21/12/2023For Determination
Town Hall Business Plan14/12/2023For Determination
General Exception Notice - Traffic Management Act 2004 (Part 6) - Update on Enforcement Programme and Constitutional Amendment30/11/2023For Determination
Rochdale Town Centre Heat Network: Detailed Project Development - Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretary of State for Energy Security & Net Zero and Rochdale Borough Council30/11/2023Recommendations Approved
New Children's Homes ref: 241528/11/202307/12/2023
Discretionary Fees and Charges 2024/25 ref: 241328/11/202307/12/2023
Revenue Budget Update 2024/25-2026/27 and Medium Term Financial Strategy ref: 240828/11/202307/12/2023
Q2 23/24 Finance Update ref: 240728/11/202307/12/2023
Touchstones - Capital Project ref: 241728/11/202307/12/2023
Calculation of the 2023-24 Taxbase ref: 240928/11/202307/12/2023
Property Growth Fund Performance & Risk - Q2 2023/24 ref: 241928/11/202307/12/2023
Setting the Business Rate Base 2024-25 ref: 241128/11/202307/12/2023
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 241628/11/202328/11/2023
Rochdale Riverside - Financial Update 2023/24 ref: 241828/11/202307/12/2023
Council Tax Empty Property Charges 2024-25 ref: 241028/11/202307/12/2023
Capital Programme 2024/25 to 2028/29 ref: 241228/11/202307/12/2023
Children’s Services Q2, 2023/24 Revenue Monitoring Update ref: 241428/11/202307/12/2023
Housing Allocation Policy Review – Key Principles and Recommendation to Consult ref: 242028/11/202330/11/2023
Third Party Loan22/11/2023Item Deferred
Atom Valley Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Centre08/11/2023For Determination
Rochdale Development Agency (RDA) Agreement for Service/Service Level Agreement (SLA)29/11/2023For Determination
Traffic Management Act 2004 (Part 6) - Update on Enforcement Programme and Constitutional Amendment30/11/2023For Determination
Property Investment Risk Update 2023/2427/11/2023For Determination
Adult Social Care Budget Strategy 2024/25 to 2025/2617/11/2023Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)
New Children with Disabilities Homes16/11/2023For Determination
Client Financial Affairs Policy15/11/2023Recommendations Approved
Careline Retender14/11/2023Abandoned
Greater Manchester Fairer health for all Framework - Engagement Draft10/11/2023For Determination
Need for Secondary School Places 2024 - 202831/10/2023For Determination
Need for Primary School Places 2024 - 202731/10/2023For Determination
Corporate Parent Strategy 2023-202627/10/2023For Determination
Real Living Wage Task and Finish Report26/10/2023For Determination
Provider Fees 2024/25 - Consultation26/10/2023Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)
Rochdale BC Printers / Multifunctional Devices (MFDs)24/10/2023Abandoned
Affordable Housing - Big Help Group20/10/2023Abandoned
Affordable Housing (Immediate Requirements)20/10/2023Abandoned
Housing Delivery20/10/2023For Determination
Homelessness Programme - Single Homelessness Accommodation (SHAP)09/10/2023For Determination
Additional Licensing - Houses of Multiple Occupation20/10/2023For Determination
Acquisition of property at Miall Street, Rochdale (Station South)14/09/2023For Determination
Extensions Policy for Foster Carers, SGO Carers and Adopters13/09/2023For Determination
Hopwood Old Hall - Repair Grants13/09/2023Abandoned
Castleton BeeNetwork Phase 2 Consultation & Approvals31/08/2023Abandoned
Locality Operating Model23/08/2023For Determination
Prescribing Expenditure23/08/2023For Determination
Strategic Housing - Compulsory Purchase Order15/08/2023For Determination
Capital Investment and Disposal Strategy for 2024/2526/07/2023Recommendations Approved
Treasury Management Strategy 2024/2526/07/2023Recommendations Approved
Budget Report and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2024/25 to 2026/2726/07/2023Recommendations Approved
Local Government Act 2003 Requirement 2024/2526/07/2023Recommendations Approved
Discretionary Fees and Charges 2024/2526/07/2023Recommendations Approved
Rochdale Station Square15/06/2023For Determination
Q3 23/24 Finance Update01/06/2023For Determination
Estates Strategy (neighbourhoods) (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Neighbourhood's Strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Emotional non-attendance at school Strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Serious Violence Strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Enhanced Care Home Model Strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Learning Disability & Autism Strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Preparing for adulthood integrated transition strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Anti-poverty strategy12/05/2023For Determination
End of Life Strategy12/05/2023For Determination
Children's Autism Strategy (LCO BP)15/05/2023For Determination
Central Retail Park 'Station Gardens' Development24/11/2022For Determination