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Manchester Area Pollution Advisory Council


MAPAC began on 13th May 1974, when the 10 Councils in the Greater Manchester County approved the constitution of the (then) Manchester Area Council for Clean Air and Noise Control, relating to the Council's composition, functions and its elected representation from member local authorities. Membership is derived from Councils in and around the Manchester area.

The views of member authorities are represented by elected Councillors, while officers concerned with pollution control duties attend meetings and provide the membership of the Environmental Protection Group and the more specialised Working Groups dealing with a wide range of environmental issues.

Despite some changes in membership and the practical ways in which the Council operates, the functions of the Council remains the same, namely:

  • to act as an advisory body to improve the control of and reduce environmental harm;
  • to carry out investigations and research into and co-ordinate measurements of pollution;
  • to engage in publicity and education;
  • to arrange appropriate lectures, meetings and practical visits;
  • to act collectively on behalf of its constituent authorities in matters of mutual interest;
  • to coordinate the activities of common working areas and develop a regional approach and
  • to implement best value initiatives together with benchmarking exercises.


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Website: http://www.mapac.org.uk/index.htm

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