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Herbert Norcross Scholarship Fund


The Trust is an educational charity, making awards to students who have studied at University and wish to undertake a second or further qualification.  


Note 1:  Who is eligible to apply?


Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:-

(a)     They must not have attained the age of 30.

(b)     They must have permanent residence within the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough or the former administrative County of Lancaster.

(c)     They must have already completed a course of study at any University, College or other place of Further Education approved by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, and be undertaking a second or further qualification.


NB:   The Deeds of the Trust require that preference is given to applicants whose normal residence is in the former Borough of Middleton.


Note 2:  What will monies be available for?


If successful, monies will be awarded in respect of the following:-

(a)     Course fees.

(b)     Travel Expenses in pursuance of studies.

(c)     Books and equipment required for the Course.

(d)     Any other expenses incurred in the pursuance of studies to be undertaken.


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