Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Ali Ahmedn/an/an/a
Councillor Farooq Ahmedn/an/an/a
Councillor Iftikhar Ahmedn/an/an/a
Councillor Shakil Ahmedn/an/an/a
Shefali Farooq Ahmedn/an/an/a
Councillor Daalat Alin/an/an/a
Councillor Sultan Alin/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Allonbyn/an/an/a
Councillor Stephen Ansteen/an/an/a
Councillor Mohammad Arshadn/an/an/a
Councillor Tricia Ayrtonn/an/an/a
Councillor David Bamfordn/an/an/a
Councillor Andy Belln/an/an/a
Councillor Tom Besfordn/an/an/a
Councillor Jacqui Beswickn/an/an/a
Councillor Paul Beswickn/an/an/a
Councillor Phillip Bethelln/an/an/a
Councillor Cecile Biantn/an/an/a
Councillor Surinder Biantn/an/an/a
Councillor Elsie Blundelln/an/an/a
Councillor John Blundelln/an/an/a
Councillor Malcolm Borissn/an/an/a
Councillor Allen Brettn/an/an/a
Councillor Lynne Brosnann/an/an/a
Councillor Angela Brownn/an/an/a
Councillor Martin Burken/an/an/a
Councillor Phil Burken/an/an/a
Councillor Jonathan Burnsn/an/an/a
Councillor Neil Butterworthn/an/an/a
Councillor Robert Cleggn/an/an/a
Councillor Wendy Cocksn/an/an/a
Councillor Patricia Mary Dalen/an/an/a
Councillor Karen Danczukn/an/an/a
Councillor Janet Darnbroughn/an/an/a
Councillor Irene Davidsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Davisonn/an/an/a
Councillor Ashley Dearnleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Ian Duckworthn/an/an/a
Councillor Ray Duttonn/an/an/a
Councillor Neil Emmottn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Emmottn/an/an/a
Councillor Janet Emsleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Iram Faisaln/an/an/a
Councillor Richard Farnelln/an/an/a
Councillor Christopher Furlongn/an/an/a
Councillor Aisling-Blaise Gallaghern/an/an/a
Councillor James Gartsiden/an/an/a
Councillor Jane Gartsiden/an/an/a
Councillor Alan Godsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Pat Greenalln/an/an/a
Councillor John Hartleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Kieran Heakinn/an/an/a
Councillor Wera Hobhousen/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Hodgkinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Michael Hollyn/an/an/a
Councillor Jean Hornbyn/an/an/a
Councillor Aftab Hussainn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Joinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Andy Kellyn/an/an/a
Councillor Andy Kellyn/an/an/a
Councillor Colin Lambertn/an/an/a
Councillor Terry Lindenn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Malcolmn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Malcolmn/an/an/a
Councillor Donna Martin En/an/an/a
Councillor Philip Masseyn/an/an/a
Councillor Rachel Masseyn/an/an/a
Councillor Alan McCarthyn/an/an/a
Councillor Daniel Meredithn/an/an/a
Councillor Stephanie Millsn/an/an/a
Councillor Amna Mirn/an/an/a
Councillor Shahid Mohammedn/an/an/a
Councillor Dale Mulgrewn/an/an/a
Councillor Lil Murphyn/an/an/a
Councillor Andrew Neilsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Kathleen Nicksonn/an/an/a
Councillor Amber Nisan/an/an/a
Councillor Kallum Nolann/an/an/a
Councillor Shaun O'Neilln/an/an/a
Councillor Liam O'Rourken/an/an/a
Councillor Rina Paoluccin/an/an/a
Councillor Bev Placen/an/an/a
Councillor Faisal Ranan/an/an/a
Councillor Aasim Rashidn/an/an/a
Councillor Aiza Rashidn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Reedn/an/an/a
Councillor Linda Robinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Hilary Rodgersn/an/an/a
Councillor Martin Rodgersn/an/an/a
Councillor Sara Rowbothamn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Rushn/an/an/a
Councillor Billy Sheerinn/an/an/a
Councillor Angela Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Terrance Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Ann Stott JPn/an/an/a
Councillor Patricia Sullivann/an/an/a
Councillor John Taylorn/an/an/a
Councillor Carol Wardlen/an/an/a
Councillor Jane Warnen/an/an/a
Councillor Shah Wazirn/an/an/a
Councillor June Westn/an/an/a
Councillor Dylan James Williamsn/an/an/a
Councillor Donna Williamsn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Williamsn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Winklern/an/an/a
Councillor Lee Wolfn/an/an/a
Councillor Bernard Wynnen/an/an/a
Councillor Sameena Zaheern/an/an/a
Councillor Mohammed Zamann/an/an/a